Saturday, January 9, 2016

How to Create a Complete WordPress Backup for Free with BackWPup

Backups are one of the best defense against any sort of security threat toward your site. Regular backups are one thing that every blogger/webmaster should have. In past we showed you how to keep your content safe with BackupBuddy, and how to manually create WordPress database backups. However, BackupBuddy costs money and manual backups take time. What if we told you that you can create complete WordPress backup for free? Not only that, you can also store them on the cloud, and schedule to do this automatically. In this article we will show you how to create a complete WordPress backup for free with BackWPup.

First thing you need to do is install and activate BackWPup plugin. Upon activation, the plugin will display a welcome page. It will also add a BackWPup menu item in your WordPress admin sidebar.

Creating Backup Jobs with BackWPup

Click on Add New Job to create an automated backup job for your WordPress website. Under General tab, provide a name for this job. This name will be used internally and will help you identify each backup instance. Under the Job Tasks section, select the type of tasks you want this to perform. Available tasks include database backup, file backup, WordPress XML export, Installed plugins list, optimize database tables and check database tables. If you just want to create backup of your website, then you can select all options except for optimize and check database tables.

Under backup file creation section, choose an archive type. The default option is tar.gz, however you can choose zip archive if you want. Below this, you will see Job Destination section. This is where your backups will be stored. BackWPup provides multiple options to store your backup files. It can store backup file on your server, send it via email, backup to FTP, backup to dropbox, amazon S3, Windows Azure, Rackspace, and Sugarsync. Whatever you do, DO NOT store the backups on your server. we will be using DropBox.

Scheduling Automated Backup in WordPress using BackWPup

Click on Schedule tab and choose how often do you want to backup your site. You can schedule it to run monhtly, weekly, or daily basis by choosing WordPress Cron option. Alternatively, you can choose to manually run the job, so that you can create on-demand backups of your site. For advance level users there are more choices like using a URL to start the job externally using some other software or starting the job using WP-CLI, a command line interface for WordPress. For beginner level users we would highly recommend scheduling a daily or weekly backup by choosing WordPres Cron option.

What to Backup?

Click on DB Backup tab to select which tables you want to be included in the backup. Sometimes WordPress plugins create their own tables into your database, most of the time this data is not crucial and you may not need it. Unchecking these tables will reduce your backup size. However if you don’t know what you are doing, then keep all tables selected.
Under the Files tab you can select which directories and files you want to include in the backup job. We would recommend that you do not backup core WordPress files. Instead, only backup your wp-content/uploads folder. Uncheck Backup root folder. Exclude any folders in wp-content folder that you don’t want. For example, sometimes plugins will create their own directories inside wp-content folder to store plugin data. You can exclude these folders if you want.

Saving WordPress Backups To Dropbox

Depending on what you chose as destination for your backup, you will see a tab for it. In this tutorial we will show you how to automatically upload your WordPress backup to Dropbox using BackupWP plugin. So click on Dropbox tab and then click on Reauthenticate (full Dropbox).
This will take you to the Dropbox website where you will be asked to provide your username and password. After signing in, DropBox will ask for your permission to grant BackWPup access to your DropBox account.
After that, the plugin will take care of the rest.

Creating Multiple WordPress Backup Jobs using BackWPup

You can create multiple backup jobs with BackWPup. For example, you can create a scheduled job to run on a daily or weekly basis to backup your WordPress Database and another job to run manually for backing up your WordPress files only. You can see all jobs created by you on BackWPup » Jobs page. You can run any of the backup jobs by clicking on Run Now link below the job, even for scheduled jobs. You can also edit settings for a job or delete it entirely.

Running a Backup Job

When you execute a Backup Job manually by clicking on Run Now link, BackWPup will display the backup progress. Clicking on display working log, you can see what is going on in the background. If for some reason the backup job fails, then this log will also display the reason. You can also abort a job during the progress by clicking on abort button.

Troubleshooting WordPress Backup Jobs in BackWPup

Running a backup job may cause extra load on your hosting server. This may result in unfinished backup jobs. Also on most shared hosting services, there is a limit on how much time or memory a script can consume. When your server stops BackWPup for crossing the time or memory limit, it waits for 5 minutes and then resumes the process. In this case, it would take a while for a backup job to finish.
The first thing you should do is increase your PHP memory limit, then go to BackWPup » Settings and click on the Jobs tab. Increase Maximum number of restries for job steps option. The default value is 3, you can increase it to 5 and see if this works for you. After that scroll down to Reduce server load option and select medium or minimum server load options.

Final Thoughts

You are probably wondering if a good free plugin like BackWPup exist, then why do people pay for plugins like BackupBuddy or VaultPress. One of the reason is support. When you pay for a product, then you are guaranteed to get support. Another thing that we notice with both BackupBuddy and VaultPress is that they offer malware scanning. We use VaultPress because it is a 100% managed service. The backup is stored in their cloud server, and it is a pretty fool-proof setup.

We can not stress this enough that you need to back up your site regularly. Do not wait for your WordPress site getting hacked or infected with malware, start backing up now, so that you can swiftly restore WordPress from backup when the time comes. We hope that this guide helped you automate your WordPress backups. Let us know which WordPress backup solution you use by leaving a comment below.

Friday, January 8, 2016

UK cheat website admits hacking fears as Brits pile in for post-Xmas affairs

The shocking revelation will leave more than a million Illicit Encounters members fearing the worst.

Last year US married dating site Ashley Madison hit the headlines after its online security was breached.
Several suicides and scores of divorces were linked to the hacking after 33 million members' personal information was leaked online for the world to see.

Now Illicit Encounters chief executive Simon Francis has admitted to Daily Star Online that no one is completely safe.

Far from the wake-up call some expected, the data breach that aired the personal dealings and financial information of Ashley Madison clients has yet to spur concrete changes in web security or the online dating industry.

The details were published online by hackers calling themselves The Impact Team, who stole the data and threatened to make it public unless Ashley Madison was taken down. They said they had acted because they claimed the company had failed to delete the details of users who had paid to have their profiles erased.

The hackers' online message with the leak
Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media, subsequently shelved plans to float on the London Stock Exchange, whilea class action lawsuit has already been launched in the US, seeking more than £3m in damages.
There have also been claims that the vast majority of Ashley Madison subscribers are men, and many of the female profiles on the site were created by staff.
In 2013 an employee at Ashley Madison’s headquarters in Toronto claimed that after being hired to help launch a Portuguese language version of the site she was ordered to create 1,000 fake female profiles to reel in men who wanted to have affairs.
Ashley Madison has denied creating fake female accounts.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to hack whatsapp account of girlfiend

You can do this using whatsapp Restore  function .

1> you need to get hands on her phone .
2> you need her phons memory card and sim card .
2> obviously phone is locked .
3> when she goes to washroom or sleeping get her memory card .
4> turn of you internet connction .
5> uninstall whats app
6> reinstall whats app
7> copy SdCard/WhatsApp/Media   to your phone

8> not out her sim card in ur phone .
9> open whatsapp .
10 > job done 

Whatsapp will ask you to restore messages Ho it happily and see with whome your girlfirend or wife doing chat .

Sunday, September 11, 2011


act. if you:

1. Load Notepad in Windows (in my case XP Pro)

2. Type "bush hid the facts" (all in lowercase, no quotes)

3. Save this file under a name of your choice

4. Re-open the file

you will not see the text that you typed, but instead you will see a bunch of squares (or, as I later found out, some Chinese characters - that is, if you have the Chinese fonts installed, which is not my case).

Most people think it's a Windows Notepad easter egg (I thought so myself, to be honest), but in fact, it isn't. It's just a lousy Notepad bug. Let me explain...

I was myself curious about the cause of this phenomenon, and I found out that this text is not the only one to cause problems. There are other strings that cause Notepad to screw up, including "this app can break", which was another version of the bug that generated a lot of buzz. I've personally tested a series of strings that have the same effect, including "this api can break", "this cat can split", "jane can not dance", "text wit hou tcaps" and even "abcd efg hij klmno" and "xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx". What do these phrases have in common? They are made up by four words made up by four, three, three and five letters, all lowercase. So, by induction, all "4-3-3-5" strings should work.
Now, let's get to why this thing happens. First of all, it seems that Notepad writes the files just fine, it just can't read them again correctly. As a proof, try opening your saved file, the one that Notepad screws up, with another text editor. I used EditPlus and it turned out to be OK. So why the Notepad thing then? Well, it's a Windows thing. Notepad uses a Windows function that allows it to figure out whether a text file is Unicode or not. And that function, my friends, is the one that screws it up. Because the way it checks can easily be described as "guessing". And it guesses that the file is actually Unicode, and not Ascii, as it is supposed to be.


Now, two different but similar explanations can be given.

The first is that, after the ASCII-to-hex conversion of the string, Notepad rearranges the hex codes not according to ASCII standards, but to Unicode, and that messes it up. Here's the example:

Take "bush hid the facts". The hex codes (they can be seen with any hex editor you want to download) for the string are:

62 75 73 68 20 68 69 64 20 74 68 65 20 66 61 63 74 73

Arrange the codes to make up Unicode characters and you get:

7562 6873 6820 6964 7420 6568 6620 6163 7473

You'll notice that every code is hyperlinked. If you click on each one of them, you'll see that each one represents a Chinese (I think) "letter".

So this whole thing's cause is the coincidence that the 18 ASCII characters happen to represent 9 Unicode characters. And, of course, Windows' inability to determine the right encoding of the file.

The second explanation is slightly different, but the basics are the same: the difference between ASCII and Unicode. It's just a matter of Notepad defaults. You see, when you save the file, in the "Encoding" field, the default drop-down is set to ANSI. So, by default, Notepad saves as ANSI. But if you do a File -> Open, the default Encoding is set to Unicode. That's exactly what happens when you double click a saved file. Notepad knows the path, but not the Encoding. So it uses the default Unicode encoding, which spits the Chinese characters as explained above.

And that's about it. No easter eggs, no conspiracies, no Bush interventions. Just plain old Microsoft.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

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